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Re: Pierre Laporte Contribution

they are... exciting!

Re: Pierre Laporte Contribution

A martial looking group that shows the impact of a great paint job (with some very effective use of washes).

This is why we paint figures.

Re: Pierre Laporte Contribution

And lets not let any toy soldier collectors forget, Strelets Range of Romans are made in an authentic color already - a Dark Gray - that they don't need any painting at all to enjoy.

They can't be beat in poses nor details, nor small kits and big kits, and are 110% represented in foot, horse, action and everyday, and I can take them straight from the box to the table top - just like the Vintage Airfix Sets - and that's exactly why ...

We don't paint!

Thank you Strelets for giving the world your 1/72 toy soldiers in so many authentic colors that show off the sculptors superior details and don't need painting to bring out the obvious details!