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Tank Riders

I bought some Hat Tank riders hoping that the riders would be good for various vehicles (German/British). I also bought the Armourfast German Half Tracks but they look like they will only seat 4 soldiers each (9 on a sprue).
Can anyone recommend suitable/affordable/easy assembly 1/72 scale vehicles so I can mobilize 30 Corps for the relief of Arnheim?



Re: Tank Riders

Try Plastic Soldier Company their figures are an acquired taste(Heads are very big) but their vehicles are excellent really good value for money.

Re: Tank Riders

PSCos figures vary a lot. The Americans (that .50 cal mg is huge) are not to my taste and many of the Russians did have over scale heads. The British are very good though if a bit limited in uniform and helmet types. The Loyd Carrier/6pdr at gun and Universal carriers are very good and have good crew figures.