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Old West buildings from BUM

I know that the name of BUM will not exactly cause excitement among 1/72nd fans but I was browsing on the Michigan Toy Soldier website on Upcoming Releases for 1/72 and was surprised to see that BUM are bringing out a massive range of old West building variously in laser cut wood and resin. Obviously, the quality of the stuff will be the $64,000 question but I thought this might interest some people who like that sort of thing. Many of the sets include figures which are old Atlantic figures, which of course were very variable but did include some really interesting poses and ideas. So if anyone wants a look mosey on over to MTS website and take a peep pardner -

You'll be amazed at how much stuff the range includes, although I suspect a lot of the town buildings are simply the same shell with different frontages.

Re: Old West buildings from BUM

Nice find, but these sets are extremely expensive. BTW: My original Atlantic Far West sets are about 1/87 scale - too tiny to be mixed with 1/72 figures. Even the 1/76 Airfix will look like basketball players...