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Re: hodden grey, anyone?

Funny to read about computer(actually monitor) screens as if the colour is absolute and not adjustable. Then the room lighting(or daylight)has an effect on the thing you are matching. In fact just about everything does.
A device called a Tintometer or Spectrocolorimeter (now brand names)help to narrow down the variables. They are normally employed in industry to ensure batch colour consistency in products. The Mk1 eyeball has its deficiencies especially in colour matching. Even with Pantone references Chinese factories still get colours wrong as witnessed on train and motor car models.
Wikipedia talks about weaving fleeces . It would be non dyed carded wool(some from the baa baa black sheep) mixed in the proportions stated when spinning to get the yarn which is then woven. Most military fabrics are a twill weave (like denim) which is then brushed. I presume the Wiki sample is the grey for modern uniforms especially or only Canadian ones( I think one of my cousins or their spouses in Toronto had one). Historical re enactors get it right and the authentic old Hodden and Kersey look a bit like the old British grey army blankets. Cheapskater re enactors in the 1960s and 70s used to use the army blankets (surplus) for 17th c. etc clothing now only the best will do complete with ticks and lice(probably not). Nothing wrong with anybody's monitor it is the confusion that colour spawns when heritage and current customs intertwine.


Re: hodden grey, anyone?

It does seem to be the case that Hodden Grey has changed over time so theres likely to be a good deal of variation from light grey to light maroon...

"Originally the cloth was a light grey, but over time shades of brown and purple were introduced."

From the "Scottish Tartans Museum"

Kind of expected that it might be originally grey

Eyes Front!

I wasn't trying to suggest that any of my (or anyone's) monitors are wrong or infallible. I hope I just said that colours look different on them.

Changing the subject, I am looking out for some eyes decals (transfers), similar to those painted on Greek ships. I want my tanks to see where they are going!

Little Big Men Studios look promising, but I can't find a search function.

Any suggestions anyone?

Re: hodden grey, anyone?

Grey? You think??

Thanks for that Ironsides. I keep seeing it was an indescribable shade of brown-ish grey.