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Konrad's Crimean British Highlanders (The Thin Red Line)

Yes, I completely agree with Marc Folch Castells' compliments below to Konrad (I have always liked Konrad's Strelets Romans, too).

I've always wanted a 1/72 set that looked just as exciting as the Britians 54mm Marching Highlanders, and Strelets' set does just that and much more. This really is one of the best ever Infantry sets with nearly 50 unique poses. It's got everything for everyone - Officers, Musicians, Action, Casualties, Marching, and Horse Officers can be found in the Big Box Set. The details on all of the soldiers are deep and heavy so even beginner painters will be able to impress audiences. Of course, I love them just the way they are out of the box and off the sprews.

Back to Konrad, yes, he really brought out all of the life of one of the best Infantry sets ever made of one of the greatest British armies to ever fight. I agree with Marc - Well done!