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Re: Is Redbox going to make landsknechts and Swiss infantry ?

kudos to red box for going all in on subjects they bring out.thats a pretty impressive list for renaissance figures that i had been hoping for at some point,from anyone.

Redbox landsknechts and Swiss infantry era?

Can anyone tell what campaign or war these troops are intended for? I'm hoping they would be the Italian War of Henri II in mid-century, but I am guessing they are for Pavia.

Re: Redbox landsknechts and Swiss infantry era?

At last! Someone has decided that the Renaissance deserves figures, one of the biggest gaps in the hobby with just a smattering of sets so far and the DDS Landsknecht pike not being well engineered. I really hope Redbox do some English to fight their WOTR Irish which are pretty much OK for the whole of the Tudor period. Sculpts look nice.