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Re: Russian Responce

My thanks as well Can we ever hope for a response in soft plastic? Best regards

Re: Russian Responce

Dear Strelets,

Thank you very much for the link and recommendation. I watched the complete movie tonight! It had great actors and actresses and portrayed the Russo-Afghan war quite vividly. I have always been fascinated by conflicts in the mountains and deserts such as the FFL, North Africa in WWII and Afghanistan. This is one way to learn a little of those times and events. I enjoyed it very much and again - Thank you!

Re: Russian Responce

Dear CC,

we'd love to, but as of WWII weapons aren't particularly suitable for our technology.

Best regards,


Re: Russian Responce

Oh well, I had to try again. I'll still keep buying your product as I am interested in all times and places in history. Thank-you for your reply and keep up the good work. I liked the movie too