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Re: 9.2inch seige gun

Just noticed the CAD 3D renders are up for the 9.2, looks like it should be very good and I'm looking forward to it
Same for the German 21cm:

Re: 9.2inch seige gun

Thanks PDA duly noted looks very good too....

Re: 9.2inch seige gun manual

If your having problems....

Already posted the US version above, heres the British Version on the 9.2 inch MKI/II....

Handbook of the B.L. 9.2-Inch Howitzers, Marks I & II.

for the manual click "view online" you can save it to your pc...

Re: 9.2inch seige gun manual

My mistake, US Manual is here:

9.2 inch Howitzer material model of 1917