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The apeal of the Alamo

But then the color of the sprue becaomes an issue.

Only for some.

If Strelets wanted to do the Alamo, & make a profit in their endeavours, they should consider several sets of Mexicans: artillery, cavalry, infantry in various uniforms, assaulting infantry sets (eg with ladders).

Mexicans are where the profit is. And people will be more inclined to buy Mexican sets if there's 1/2 sets of defenders (1 mini set might be personalities)so you have a complete range for the conflict. Later, Strelets could create other Texan sets for later battles if the initial goals meet expectations.

As a wargamer, I build armies on a figure scale. EG my Napoloeonics are 1:50, my Zulus are 1:10.

One of the appeals of the Alamo is you could actually do it 1:1.

As a side note, does anyone think The Sword & the Flame rules would work with an Alamo game?

"Alamo Defenders & Santa Anna's Generals"

Many good points above, however, I still feel a Command set first is the bait on the hook and the way to go for the Alamo theme. And I had the same thought as Arlin - Have both Alamo Defenders & Santa Anna's Generals in the same set - 1 sprew of each. The 3rd sprew always is of the accompanying horses. We should get more 1812 militia and frontiersmen for the War of 1812 anyway.

I'd hope for the Defenders in Dark Gray and Mexicans in Blue, or both just in Dark Gray.