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Re: PSR: New Company!

Russian gunships strafing the bare Afghan hills - I can't wait!

Re: PSR: New Company!


Just being a little cautious as the company may be based in East Ukraine and the army was Soviet and probably had a fair number of Ukrainians serving then. Actually the opening rounds in Afghanistan in 1979 did see Soviet paratroopers, special forces (KGB, GRU) stage a text book take over which does have parallels.


One set fits all

Clever marketing: 'Mujahidins Taliban al-Qaeda'
Freedom fighters against Soviet forces, Guerilla against American/UN forces or simply terrorists. Heroes or villains - just depending on the buyer's personal view and taste: one set fits all.

Re: PSR: New Company!

It is a little information.
1 . This set was made by me for the new producer.
2 . Masters were made three years ago or more for molding in tin.
3 . To me suggested to buy them but then there was no finance at me.
4 . Later the author of masters changed the mind and suggested me to make to it sprues with its masters. It does a box and the picture.
5 . Mould and test-shots were made in the fall of 2013. Even before occupation of the Crimea by Russia and before revolt in Kiev. Therefore communication between an exit of a set and the latest events doesn't exist.

Re: PSR: New Company!

Hello Haron,
Thank you for the information and for clearing it up.

I enjoy hearing about the background information about manufacturers and the life of of some of these sets.

I think you should write a book about all you've done in the hobby of 1/72 scale figures. I know you have been connected to many sets other than just Orion. I like the style of the figures.

I wish all manufacturers told their stories. To me, I find that as interesting as the figures and the history they represent. I always loved reading about the internal workings of Marx Toys or Britains deetail.

I know some of this is proprietary right now, but I hope someday the stories come out.

Re: PSR: New Company!

It will be very boring.

Re: PSR: New Company!

Hi Haron,

Thanks for creating these wonderful figures. Is there plan to release the opposing force figures (US Special Forces, Russians....)?

Re: PSR: New Company!

Hi Haron,

Thanks for creating these wonderful figures. Is there plan to release the opposing force figures (US Special Forces, Russians....)?

1 . I don't plan anything modern.
2 . I don't know Ultima Ratio plans. I while have no their new masters.
3 . Masters on a series of war of roses did Ultima Ratio. Therefore cooperation at us. I made to it a set of Afghans, and it to me by masters on three sets.
RB72045 War of the Roses 6. Mounted Men at Arms
RB72046 War of the Roses 7. Scurrers
RB72047 War of the Roses 8. European Mounted Men at Arms

Re: PSR: New Company!

Hello Haron,
Well, I like the new Soviet WWII Tankmen, and I liked the WWII artillery winter/summer set and the heavy weapons you did a few years ago for WWII Soviets. I wish the same could be done for US Army in WWII.

I especially wish you did US Artillery men winter/summer uniforms. I could use the winter uniforms for Ardennes and Korea.

Re: PSR: New Company!

I agree with Arlin! I have tons of US artillery pieces that have no gunners! I have been stealing from my US Mt artillery, but they won\'t get the job done totally! Some US tankmen would be nice too! With more interesting poses than Hat\'s!

Re: PSR: New Company!

I think that I will keep my powder dry and wait until the figures are seen!
On the positive side it was not yet another Africa Korp set or similar ilk!

Re: PSR: New Company!Mars

Mars did reasonable copies of the ESCI US Infantry and Soviet Paratroops along with a fairly cool conversion of the ESCI Muslim warriors to create the three sets mentioned. The Mujahidin set is quite fun.

Caesar is almost there needing only to make Russian forces and Orion need only make some American soldiers.

I look forward to these new sets and I hope that Strelets may one day reconsider doing modern themed sets.