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Re: I second Franks wishlist....

tom s
mounted kentuckians could be a very versatile set.
You could have a Colonel figure and use him in a diodrama of a fried chicken shop

Re: I second Franks wishlist....

I like Frank's list too, but I would still LOVE to see a full set of buckskin infantry (in brown not gray!) with mostly coonskin caps & maybe a few tri-corns for Colonial US period! I'm still a BIG fan of John Wayne's "The Fighting Kentuckian!" I just love the look of all those buckskin clad troops! Just so different from any other militia styles! Throw in some period indians to fight them & we got a party!

Everybody keeps talking Alamo, we could really use some artillery & mounted men for the Texans!

Re: 1812 Americans sprue!


Great looking set ... as a matter of fact, so are the Brits x2 and the French sled sets. Let\'s see if the reds can burn down the White House again to avenge Fort York.

Please consider mounted Kentucky Mounted Infantry, US regular Infantry/artillery/cavalry, Canadian Voltigeurs (most other Canadian militia wore more or less British uniforms), Indians, command (Brock, Harrison, Tecumsuh and Winfield Scott would be great as mounted personalities) and civilian sets.

Have a great day, Frank

Yes, US Dragoons and Rifle Regiments please!


They certainly look as if they'd paint up well.

One good thing about Strelets' figures, with their deep cut detail, is they dip very well.

(dipping of course is a method of giving figures shades & highlights with a minimum of effort: anyone can be a good painter with the dipping method).

Re: 1812 Americans sprue!


Re: 1812 Americans sprue!

I'm okay with militia in grey. I do hope regular US infantry is in blue though.

Reminds me of the Battle of Chippewa, fought on July 5, 1814. There was not enough blue cloth for the American Army of General Winfield Scott to be clothed in (their old uniforms were worn out). Much to the chagrin of the regulars, they could only get uniforms in grey, the color of militia!! (my Airfix Nappy British Infantry and Revell Nappy British Infantry come in grey sometimes, so I use them for Americans, and sometimes you can find Airfix Nappy British Infantry in red and Revell Nappy British Infantry in orange, they are British regulars).

British Major General Phineas Riall saw Scott's grey-clad army advancing and thought they were militia (because of the grey uniforms) and anticipated an easy victory. He was shocked when the Americans took what he threw at them and continued to advance. He was said to exclaim, "Those are regulars, by God!"

The Scott's Americans won that day.

Big Box Set: "Alamo Defenders"

Ever since The American Milita 1812 set's masters first appeared there has been much talk and many supporters of using it for The Alamo. I know I am.

Once Strelets gets closer to finishing it's American sets for the 1812 theme, I hope they will consider making a Big Box titled "Alamo Defenders." The contents should include all the Militias, Kentuckians (including Mounted Riflemen), etc. and then finished off with the traditional Dedicated Set of Famous Personalities (Crocket, Bowie etc.) other volunteers plus Susanna Dickinson and the Slaves who were allowed to live.

Just by designing the one dedicated Alamo Defenders (Personalities) Set, and using the existing 1812 sets, I'd be hopeful the idea would give a healthy return on investment.

As much as the existing Alamo personalities box has a place in my heart, this would be the perfect opportunity to for serious Alamo Collectors to build up a complete and matching Defenders Army with the latest and most stunning figurines ever made.

And if you did, I'd vote you keep these sets in the current Gray Color you are using.

Re: Big Box Set: \"Alamo Defenders\"

The problem with "personality" sets is that no one needs more than one of them, as opposed to more general infantry or cavalry sets, which are usually required in multiples and therefore better business.

Re: Big Box Set: "Alamo Defenders"

Hi Ian, I wrote you a response, but the system won't let me post it. I've got to go out of town today, so I'll try reposting this evening. Have a super day! GC


Ian Bruce
The problem with \"personality\" sets is that no one needs more than one of them, as opposed to more general infantry or cavalry sets, which are usually required in multiples and therefore better business.

This is true but the manufacturer who makes a complete range (ie ALL the infantry, artillery, cavalry & logistics needed for wargaming) will be able to sell enough figure sets to cover a financial loss on the command sets.It should be kept in mind that including command will encourage people to buy into the whole range.

Alternately, the manufacturer charges more for command sets. Metal companies often do this & I could stand paying more for needed command figures in plastic too.

HaT often includes non-command figures in its command sets so they have wider appeal or the set covers several armies (CF their Napoleonic mounted Command set).

Re: Big Box Set: "Alamo Defenders"

Ian Bruce
The problem with \"personality\" sets is that no one needs more than one of them, as opposed to more general infantry or cavalry sets, which are usually required in multiples and therefore better business.

Hi Ian,

The 3 unique sprews that include famous personalities, also include many new unique but generic officer, casualty, action, etc. poses. There were only 200 Alamo Defenders so I'd suggest that the Big Box would be the centerpiece of the collection, supplemented by already produced 1812 Militias. And all the Big Box sprews could be made in Gray Color just like the 1812 Militia making everyone happy.

Have a super weekend!

Re: Big Box Set: "Alamo Defenders"

I think Strelets has done individual personalities best! ONE set of just personalities each with just one figure per pose! Might be a little hard to do for the Alamo but figure; Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Bonham & Dickinson. then add Houston, Fannin & Seguin. That's 8! Maybe add Austin &/or mounted versions of Houston, Bonham, Crockett & Seguin along with some casualties & that should make a solid personality set for Alamo & TWI!

Re: Big Box Set: \"Alamo Defenders\"

or to fill it out, call it Alamo personalities and add Santa Anna and some Mexican generals. But then the color of the sprue becaomes an issue. I guess personalities could be a different color, like the old Marx playsets (One side in blue, one side in red, the personalities in cream). Personally I never liked that. What do you think?

The apeal of the Alamo

But then the color of the sprue becaomes an issue.

Only for some.

If Strelets wanted to do the Alamo, & make a profit in their endeavours, they should consider several sets of Mexicans: artillery, cavalry, infantry in various uniforms, assaulting infantry sets (eg with ladders).

Mexicans are where the profit is. And people will be more inclined to buy Mexican sets if there's 1/2 sets of defenders (1 mini set might be personalities)so you have a complete range for the conflict. Later, Strelets could create other Texan sets for later battles if the initial goals meet expectations.

As a wargamer, I build armies on a figure scale. EG my Napoloeonics are 1:50, my Zulus are 1:10.

One of the appeals of the Alamo is you could actually do it 1:1.

As a side note, does anyone think The Sword & the Flame rules would work with an Alamo game?

"Alamo Defenders & Santa Anna's Generals"

Many good points above, however, I still feel a Command set first is the bait on the hook and the way to go for the Alamo theme. And I had the same thought as Arlin - Have both Alamo Defenders & Santa Anna's Generals in the same set - 1 sprew of each. The 3rd sprew always is of the accompanying horses. We should get more 1812 militia and frontiersmen for the War of 1812 anyway.

I'd hope for the Defenders in Dark Gray and Mexicans in Blue, or both just in Dark Gray.