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Re: My grandchildren will be very happy...

I doubt, at least at the way things are done now, that I will live long enough to see the things on the list I would like to see. I know, ever the pessimist. I wasn't born that way, that comes with experience...

Which reminds me, I hope these manufacturers all have heirs to carry on the business. I somehow doubt it. The EMHAR situation got me to thinking though....

Hi Arlin and Colin D.,

By the time the heirs of our favorite companies grow up to be old enough to pick up the reins and carry on this hobby tradition, I'll be learning how to use my new wings. We've all been given the chance today to influence the hobby and our favorite figures because today's companies listen to our wishes. Fantastically, a lot of us here have had the pleasure to grow up with Airfix and MARX and now today's plastic companies. We can still buy from moulds a half a century old. I'm actually really happy with my collection! We are so lucky to be "Men of our generation and time." Sometimes I feel like I'm stepping into and out of a Time Machine as I continue building my collection. If I make it another 25 years, I'll be ready to let go! :-)

Re: My grandchildren will be very happy...

brilliant suggestions some of which you can get but more choice of each would be great i started age 6 and still have my original airfix! my son age 9 has a like of them as well so at least i have someone to carry on my hobby which has so increased over the years please keep it up,my collection has reached about 23,000 to 25,000

Re: My grandchildren will be very happy...

For the medievals, I'd like to insert medieval Irish troops in there somewhere. Mainly Kerns and Gallowglasses. As well as a kit consisting sorely Longbowmen would be excellent, as not many manufacturers put enough longbow armed soldiers into their boxes, but England and IIRC Switzerland used them many times.