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Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

Its not a difficult set to find and it seems to be in every hobby shop at a decent or at least standard price. Airfix second edition Germans are twenty years older and they still sells.

What I like are the Airfix first edition Germans. I wonder if the molds still exist? Their smaller size, lack of detail and oversized helmets had a certain charm.

As far as the Hollywood German set goes, I think that ESCI's is the best. Oddly I never got it in Grey

Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

It's always down to personal opinion but I don't really like them.

I bought a box years ago & though I really liked the poses, the excess plastic & rather fuzzy moulding did not please.

I painted 4 & the rest languish in the Bits Box.


Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

Bert, where are you, I've got a set that's going on the B&B at the Phalanx show in the UK tomorrow.