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Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

Must be because there are so few World War II German sets! .

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

You deserve a serious answer....
Truly? I do not know .I bought it back at 1995 and it didn´t like me very much
The positive thing is that they are equiped in a very realistic way for summer campaings in Russia (assault packs,were masively produced for this fight)..but the lack of detail,the flash etc ruinned the set in my opinion.
Another positive point is that,generally,the anatomy of the guys,the poses and the distribution of weapons could have made of this set,the perfect German Infantry...and it seems so,for the poor and no exigent brats that sail around here!any **** with german helmet and jackboots counts as set!
This set with the sculpting and moulds of Zvezda or Caesar would have been,the definitive set!in the other hand ,look the guy advancing with the MP40...SAD.
P.D. If you are a bit clever,you will see the huge influence in posterior sets

Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

These figures were designed by Preiser, a leading manufacturer of figures in nearly every scale, mostly for model trains. Preiser also offers many sets of German soldiers in 1/72 – but not the ones from the Revell box. Maybe there are modelers who especially want them, because they match the other 1/72 Preiser Germans?

Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

Its not a difficult set to find and it seems to be in every hobby shop at a decent or at least standard price. Airfix second edition Germans are twenty years older and they still sells.

What I like are the Airfix first edition Germans. I wonder if the molds still exist? Their smaller size, lack of detail and oversized helmets had a certain charm.

As far as the Hollywood German set goes, I think that ESCI's is the best. Oddly I never got it in Grey

Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

It's always down to personal opinion but I don't really like them.

I bought a box years ago & though I really liked the poses, the excess plastic & rather fuzzy moulding did not please.

I painted 4 & the rest languish in the Bits Box.


Re: Revell German Armored Infantry?

Bert, where are you, I've got a set that's going on the B&B at the Phalanx show in the UK tomorrow.