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Re: *** Wish List Compilation ***

Very good list.

Forgot to add so PULP interwar/WW2 figures:
- civilians (doubling as civilians in WW2)
- gansters and mobsters, US/Europe.
- Tong/Asiatic/Yakuza gangsters
- US policemen
- civilian/nazi zombies
- hooded cultists, also sacrificing
- and ... pulp heroes sets (can be overpriced) : brave adventurers/anthropologist/archeologist, elder professor, their loyal native friend, The Great White Hunter Jumanji style (cork helmet and elephant rifle), evil aristocrat (top hat&tails, tuxedo/white tie), detective, reporter with flash camera, damsel in distress (chained to chair), damsel before sacrifice, shaman/witchdoctor during sacrifice, masked Shadowlike avenger with rapier and revolver, crazy scientist. Extra point for extra heads in top hats, fedoras, fez, turban, African mask and cork helmet to let some conversion.
Maybe even robot servants, trained chimpanzee, Frankenstein's monster, Predator etc. (There is enough ghosts, Yetis/Saskwatch, vampires and gorrillas already)

Here is my pulp list: