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Re: New Emhar? I'm NOT Buying!

I've just sent off an order for the tadpole along with yet another whippet and male MkIV. Yes the latter does errors but Emhar's output has been eclectic with a variety of models that are not common else where. For that the late manufacture needs our grateful thanks. Like JB models there were small manufactures who produced models that they wanted to see. Some could argue that the tadpole was never in action but it was trialled unlike all those endless '1946' range of models of Nazi tanks that never got off the drawing board!

Certainly the current interest in WW1 was give a hefty shove by Emhar (and Airfix figures - the less said about their tank the better!).

As for the Napoleonic sets. I am not into that era but it is great to see a company ready to recognise the role played by the Portuguese and Spanish forces.

On can only hope that Emhar will continue to produce new and unique products. Lets hope the next (hopefully a bit quicker) will be the down sizing of their 1/35 MkV composite (with corrections) - so strange that, probably, the best heavy tank that was built in WW1 in is still ignored by the leading manufactures. A MkV with a crib is an iconic image of the Great war!

Re: New Emhar? I\'m NOT Buying!

i dont like if plasti is in multible color- i wish that they all would have been made in white color so i can invent different camo to the figures!
i would BUY thouse kniths, british and spanish, french and portugal troops have some silly poses wich i dont like

yours mummy