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Caesar's legions contribution

These marvellous figures wore me down so that, after years of 'resisting' adding Romans (and indeed ancients in general) to the periods that I wargame, I am now happily doing so.

I thought that I had done a reasonable job of painting mine, but these examples from Msr LaForce are superb. Such fine work on the shields, excellent shading and a great range of colours. Congratulations and well done sir!

Thanks to Strelets for this wonderful 'series' of figures and for posting this fine example of painting.

Re: Caesar's legions contribution

Thank you very much Mr. Fisher, for these kind words. It is always nice when your work is appreciated.

I certainly agree that this is a superb range of figures, it was a pleasure working with them. Good job Strelets!
It took me quite some years to find the right painting techniques, using contributions on websites such as the Strelets site as an endless source of inspiration. So: never give up

Kind regards,
Brecht Laforce