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Re: still waiting impatiently for 1812 Americans

For me, I'm afraid the red would make them too indistiguishable from the Brits. So I would support that only after blue and tan have been run. Blue is obvious so the militia can be used in War of 1812 and Seminole War, even Indian Wars in the 1780s and 1790s, the tan makes them useful for Alamo and several other frontier scenarios.

Re: still waiting impatiently for 1812 Americans

I was wondering what brits you were referring to in relation to normans and Saxons,lol.then I looked at the title and it made a little more sense.
I too am waiting patiently for these as well.

Re: still waiting impatiently for 1812 Americans

Yep AT, I agree too. Tan or Blue first. When you look up the history of these soldiers, they dyed their leather Blue. Tan for Buckskin would look great for me (Alamo) also. I only mention Terracotta because I've had many leather coats and it would look good in a pinch. I'm saving Gray for the many Confederate sets that someday Strelets are going to make to add to the 3 great sets they have already done! I think the Confederate Gray with Yellow, Red, or Blue collars and cuffs looks so great. A lighter Gray or Light Blue trousers with the Gray Jackets look so cool also. I'm still hoping Strelets will make some heavy duty ACW sets like the old MARX, with blanket rolls, variety of hats and poses, casualties, officers, artillery, bannermen, and infantry and run the same moulds in both Blue and Gray, and call them Set 1, Set 2 ... :-)

Re: norman and saxon big box sets

Well, I've got the Norman Foot and Archer sets, and I just love them. I'm right behind Tom S. in line for them. Mine are made in a really cool Silvery-Gray color (I wished the Romans were also rather than the Dark Gray) so I hope they will be released in a similar color.

Charlton Heston in "The War Lord" was a Norman wasn't he?

A side note on those big box sets

I personally do not care for the big box sets. The reason is they are very expensive with only one new sprue added. And invariably, that one sprue has something I want, but I am not going to spend $30 or so dollars to get one little figure. I always wanted that little Crimean War guy with the camera but it came only in the big charge of the heavy dragoons or something, same thing with the little Crimean War news reporter writing on paper that came in the Sevastopol set. I wanted them both for Civil War or Old West uses, but I didn't want to buy the huge sets for just them. I also had to pass on the women in the Court of Peter the Great and the partiers in the Medieval Britain.

I wish there was a way that one could get just the one sprue, or maybe make a box set someday of just the single sprues togather in their OWN box set.

You know, as a side note, I really wish you made a set containing every female figure you made from ancient Rome through WWII. Just a set with all those women. Before you think me a pervert, let me explain. I don't buy anything but US History related sets. Some of the Roman woman make good native or certain period peasant women. And the court figures could also find their way into civilian masses through Colonial or Civil War US History. I always need civilians to add to my eras, not just soldiers.I realize it is impossible with the way you mold to just take a random 'cavity' from each mold to make a larger mold, but I wish a set with just civilians throughout history was an option.