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1/72 Weathering Factory - WWII German Panje horse sled

Innovation and famine for novel topics emerge as profound characteristics of Weathering Factory and their bright new “German Sled with Horse, Driver and Wounded” puts forward, for the first time in Braille Scale, the famous Panje horse and toboggan sled, the most important mean of transportation, intensively utilised by WWII Germans, on the Eastern Front in winter.

The kit excellent match with Strelets' Stalingrad and it is a very important arrival for all enjoying WWII Germans in non-combat stances, also with a Russian driver, the sledge can perfectly serve with a Red Army unit.

The the full review of this very fresh kit is available at the below link, accompanied by lots of images presenting the sledge on all sides and with various loads.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Cristian Florescu

Re: 1/72 Weathering Factory - WWII German Panje horse sled

Dear Cristian,

Great looking review. I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait until next weekend to read it all. However I did show my wife your exellent pictures, not just of the review, but your about me information - better than the sets even! Have a great week!

Re: 1/72 Weathering Factory - WWII German Panje horse sled

Many thanks Garrison and I hope that you will like the review when you have time, while the topic is fairly interesting and completely poorly represented in our scale, I strived including as much details as I could inside the review.

Likewise, I hope your will enjoys the images and would like to reiterate my gratitude for your kind support.

At present I work at 6 sets in the same time (including Strelets' Stalingrad) but I have very little time, now it is quite a busy period at the office, having various duties and to travel abroad very often. In addition, summer is coming, so during the week-ends I am away from home...:)

However when one it is ready, I shall post it here as well while there are only interesting sets...:)

All the best and an excellent summer,