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Re: Re-Stocks

Dear Cappy,

we will consider re-issues if and when the initial stock goes.
WWI Russian infantry is gone by now and we may re-release them some time in future.
Best regards,


Re: Re-Stocks

If you were to create & release a Russian Napoleonic command set in greatcoats & release it with this set:
I think you'd do very well.

Providing officers & musicians (you can convert flag bearers easily enough) that more or less match the Strelets' figures is difficult. I've used Arts Miniturin, Newline etc but am not happy with the results.

I'm trying to work up a Borodino wargame but getting enough Russian infantry is very difficult. This type of "re-stock" would greatly help.

Plastic colour doesn't matter but I don't really like the green. Grey is always best.

Re: Re-Stocks

Thank you! Strelets for your response. If you do re-stock your Russian sets please consider new colors. Gray Russians against Gray Germans just do not go well together. Thank you again for your consideration. Cappy