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Re: Tommy guns contribution

Dear Richard,

all going well, we will expand the series with several German and French cannons. For the Germans we will release sets with early war summer dress, late war summer and winter uniforms.

Best regards,


Thank you for the information - I look forward to these new sets. especially interested in the different German uniforms as WW1 artillery crews are few and far between.
Yes, that's great news. Very much looking forward to these.

Re: Tommy guns contribution

I echo the comments about RCD’s work, and am very much looking forward to see those gun crews. I would also be interested in gun kits (up to 155mm calibre, as I lack space for bigger ones).

Guns for the French

Dear Strelets have you decided on what guns will be made for the French yet..

Best Regards

Re: Guns for the French

Not yet.

Re: Tommy guns contribution

Well done that Man, Excellent