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Re: Cheers To;

David O'Brien
I am not so worried about nationalities. A set of surrendering Germans like the Preiser HO set would get me searching for my cheque book. Some of those old Airfix WWI sets even had signallers and casualties. The Airfix WWI French infantry signaller(set 01728)of 1966 was releasing a pigeon from a basket. Not seen many of that ilk since 1966 (or England World Cup victories for that matter). Unfortunately many sets now show 5 or more different ways of how to stand holding a rifle or sub machine gun or heavy machine gun (ditto bow, sword, spear for olden tymes) and not much more.
Yes cheers to those who made/make models of artillery crews, refugees, Russian WWII winter tank men, Viking rowers, Medieval jesters and binge drinkers and so on.


I like the inclusion of the Bangalore torpedoes in early German set and the stretcher party. As for the American set some really nice poses (like the soldier sat on the box) - pity about the accuracy!

I know it is down to cost but would it not be great for Airfix WW1 sets to be brought up to 21st century standard but in 1/72. However, the tendency is for the 8 pose sets1