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1/72 Weathering Factory-MG-Team Charkov 1942-43 with T-34 Wreck

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and lot of joy together with your families, I have the pleasure to introduce at the link below provided a very nice multimedia kit, Weathering Factory’s “MG-Team Charkov 1942-43 with T-34 Wreck”.

The set comprises three figures in some of the most attractive items of garment available in Braille Scale and, as its title emphasizes, an excellent section of a T34 wreck.
Likewise, they greatly compliment Strelet's Stalingrad.

The review is uploaded together with lots of photos of the figs and wreck here:

I hope you will enjoy them.

Cristian Florescu

Re: 1/72 Weathering Factory-MG-Team Charkov 1942-43 with T-34 Wreck

Dear Christian,

Happy Easter to you too! Thank you for your link to your latest review. They are always a pleasure to read because in addition to the review, you give a historical background on the men and their battlefields too. You put an incredible amount of research and It is interesting to learn that the Battle of Kharkov was the largest tank battle of WWII. :-) Your photos are tops too. Your figures have nice details, including the backpacks. That's one of the details I like about Strelets figures also are the nice backpacks on their figures. They should go well together.

OK, enjoy your Easter and Thank You - until the next review!

Re: 1/72 Weathering Factory-MG-Team Charkov 1942-43 with T-34 Wreck

Thank you very much Garrison and I am glad you have enjoyed this review and photos, too.
Indeed, the texts of reviews take me quite much time, for instance this one took me around two weeks to finish due to various office and home business...The figs were painted and the photos were taken, but the text was not ready...:)

I hope in few weeks to finish the Strelets Stalingrad, but until that few others wait in the que...

Once again, thanks a lot for your message.


P.S. You tricked me with Kharkov battle, I went to check the review, but everything is fine...:)