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Re: 1812 War

In anticipation of this range, if there are some who want a fun background to this odd conflict from a particular US perspective:

Re: 1812 War

M106 - US Rangers 1812
M107 - Tecumseh 1812

Wow, cool stuff! Especially the Tecumseh set. The Rangers set is a little more obscure and strange though welcome too. Personally speaking, some US Dragoons, Regular riflemen, round-jacket infantry (Scott's Brigade), Canadian Voltigeurs and British Marines would have been preferable however.

Looking at the Olivier Mille uniform site the Rangers seem to have similar dress to the "winter" militia already on the way. I guess they may carry some weight because of links with the earlier British "Rogers' Rangers" and modern US Rangers...

US Rangers


Re: 1812 War

Just trying to keep the War of 1812 requests in one place rather than starting multiple threads on the same subject ;) It struck me another uniform type is missing - the only British Highland unit that served in the war was the 93rd Foot (Sutherland Highlanders) who wore tartan trews and undress bonnet (similar to a tam o'shanter) rather than the kilt and feather bonnet:

However a few Canadian-Scottish militia units also adopted the same style of dress so perhaps a good subject as it isn't covered by the existing Napoleonic sets:

(Also it must be said, many of the existing Scottish Napoleonic sets are pretty bad with tartan schoolgirl mini-kilts! ;) )