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Dear CPN and Colin D, I'm a big fan of the AWI and the FFL also. Under AWI, I took the liberty of listing "Mohawk Warriors", something nobody has really made in proper scale (scale creep), or already have planned and in their pipelines. Re FFL, well, what a history! I hope you guys can find them listed in the proper Eras you want. Feel free to let me know if I need to clean up any of your requests. Cheers!

Re: * Wish List Compilation for April 2014 * (For Fun and Thinking Out Loud Only)


Boxer Rebellion (1898 – 1900)
• Chinese Imperial regular infantry (Boxer war).
• Chinese Imperial artillery, including Gingal (Boxer war).
• German Sea Batallion
• Schutztruppe
• British Navy in Straw Hats
• Japanese Army in Winter Blue and Summer White

Thanks for compiling this extensive list.

When you do the next update, can I please ask you to tidy up a mistake I made. The chinese gun is actuall spelled Jingal (not Gingal) in English.

If anyone is interested, that is a massive rifle, even much bigger than the enormous WW1 German AT rifle, as can be seen here:

That would sure make for an unique sight on the table! Thank you, Pa

Re: * Wish List Compilation for April 2014 * (For Fun and Thinking Out Loud Only)

Dear Pa,

Now that's a gun! I'd love a pair of Imperial Chinese shooting the gun like in the picture. I'll cross my fingers. I've updated the list. I do hesitate to put links in the list, but hopefully I've entered enough info for anyone to look up this interesting weapon. Thank you!