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Re: Pegasus Russians in Greatcaots at PSR

I just have basic information about the WW1 Russian infantryman, nothing about his WW2 comrade. Could I put a bayonet on these WW2 rifles? Are the packs and bags they have on their backs very far wrong, or are they plausible for WW1?

You can use a bayonet on most WW2 rifles, including the semi-automatic ones like the Soviet SVT-40.

Typical infantry uniforms and equipment:

WW1 Tsarist

Officers sword
shoulder tabs
Linnemann entrenching tool on right side
canvas haversack over right shoulder (replaced by knapsack slung behind the shoulders by the Guards)
rolled greatcoat (with spare boots in!)
aluminium water bottle and oval mess tin over right shoulder
1/6 of a tent plus poles
gas mask (from 1916 on?)

WW2 Soviet

No officers sword
numbers of automatic rifles
many submachine guns, semi-circular ammo pouches
shoulder tabs from 1943 (late 1942?) on only
entrenching tool and fabric cutter, worn on right hip, with canteen (when available) attached to the belt over this
rolled greatcoat or cape when not wearing the pack
model 1930 brown leather rucksack, uncommon by 1941, replaced by:
model 1938 field pack (khaki green fabric) with loops to attach tent poles etc. (underneath) and greatcoat (horseshoe fashion), ration pouch attached to the belt unterneath the field pack, mess kit (aluminiaum) - all costly and rare after 1941. This pack is not dissimilar to other nations' packs but has several outer pockets sawn onto it.
gasmaks musette bag (usually replacing the field pack)

Hope this helps for a start. Regards, Pa

Re: Pegasus Russians in Greatcaots at PSR

Thanks Pa.

I have done a quick search for what rifles might have been used in WW1 and WW2. The Mosin-Nagant seems to be the same for both wars.

Could the riflemen in this set be armed with Mosin-Nagant rifles?

I'm thinking they don't look far off, but I don't have the eye for detail that some people have!

Mortars look great too

Let the pics speak for themselves:

Pegasus joins the likes of, Ceasar, Hat, Redbox and Streletes for really taking a theme to the maximum