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Re: Stunning 1812 Militia figures

Well done Strelets, those figures look just awesome!! Can't wait to have them. A few of them can also be used for the French anti-revolutionary war, either as nobles leading the Chouans or the Vendéens.

At any rate, well done, big thumbs up!!


"Stunning" - yes, and some other compliments from other Strelets-R Fans in a supportive thread not far below:

"Stunning, just awesome, absolutely phenominal, best figures ever, well done, fantastic, better than just about anything I've seen, so many uses, absolutely thrilled, could not be happier, I have to agree stunning figures, Superb!, How can I possibly resist these, full of possibilities, had no intention of buying these but irressistable, So many possibilities, so many uses, Magnificant, grace many a tabletop, these could convert me (to Napoleonics), the best looking figures I've seen done., Now expand the range."

Yes Please Strelets Team, You have found a "Unique Winner" so please - "Expand the Range!" (actual quotes above from your supporters)

Re: Stunning 1812 Militia figures

I agree with the former writers. These figures are wonderful masterworks.

I hope that Strelets won´t be involved in the ukranian troubles. The news of the last days didn´t give us good impressions of the political situation. Hope the best for the future.