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Roman Imperial Legion II

Dear Mr/Ms Strelets,

The large set is one of the many innovations by Strelets that I appreciate greatly. I have purchased those in the armies/eras that interest me; Borodino, Narva to Poltava and Roman Imperial Legion I.

On the subject of the latter set, can I presume that the as-yet-unreleased set 908 will be Roman Imperial Legion II? Could you, perhaps, give a clue as to its contents please?

Thanks in anticipation (and for all of your great sets),


Re: Roman Imperial Legion II

Dear James,

at the moment the concept of this set hasn't been developed yet.
Initially we wanted to make some sort of a Roman Camp life set (like Medieval Britain), also we considered something like decimation but, since we've run out of some of the regular battle sets, rather than re-run them once more, we could include them in a Big Box, accompanied by some officers and other personnel, appropriate for those sets.

Best regards,


Re: Roman Imperial Legion II

Thanks so much for replying.

Either of those options sounds great, but especially the second one!

I shall await the outcome, in the fullness of time...