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Re: PSR: Too Picky?

With all of the sets to review, perhaps there may be more than one reviewer.

Re: PSR: Too Picky?

HaT sets always seem to get a certain number of bonus points from PSR. HaT does have some very nice figures, but some HaT sets that I found quite poor got rather high marks. I cannot ever recall seeing a bad review of a HaT product on PSR.

Re: PSR: Too Picky?

All depends what you use PSR for. for me its the pictures to see what the set is like. Their site over the years has encouraged and put me off may sets rather than buying a pig in a poke!

Like all people I have my biases - all those Pegasus/Caesar Soviet/Nazi stuff does nothing for me but clearly PSR rates these highly. However their Strelet heavy artillery comments have been highly critical - by I really like them. Everyone their on choice

The only thing they do not comment on is originality. looking at many of Strelets sets it would score 9-10 not so the majority of leading figure manufacturers!

Re: PSR: Too Picky?

Mister Mannix

Consider HaT's most recent Prussians. The "Marching" set has only six poses but still got two 10's for poses; the "Command" has nine poses, and two 10's; compared to the "Action" sets which also has six poses but got a 10 for quality and a 7 for pose number.

So, clearly, it is more complicate than meeting a magic number.

Of course, I often wonder if the editors at PSR but as much thought into their scoring as we do.

Quite true and this is taken into account in PSR's description of ratings on the explanations page:

"In broad terms the set will score maximum points if it contains 20+ poses (infantry), 10+ poses (cavalry or artillery), although the actual subject matter is always taken into consideration and scores will depend on how many poses the subject matter might ideally expect."

so essentially 20 poses is the golden number but almost any set could score a ten depending on what the reviewer sees as appropriate... but clearly it only really applies to "traditonal" mixed sets...

Anyway are points scores that important especially when based on an apparently arbitrary ruling, does it really matter?

If you really liked a set and bought it only to find PSR has rated it as Fetid Dingos Kidneys would you:

A.Send it back to the manufacturer with a stiff letter attached...
B.Complain to PSR that the rating system is a bunch of balony...
C.Post about the pros and cons on a toy soldier Forum.
D.Couldn't care less about PSRs ratings and make your own mind up...


Re: PSR: Too Picky?Flash

Just looking at the WWI Turkish Cavalry, it would seem that obvious flash and ill fitting arms that one can see on the scans, score a 10 out of 10 for mould

Re: PSR: Too Picky?Flash

PSR have a page devoted to the criteria they use for poses and other things see:

"Remember that this web site is all about reviews, which are necessarily dependant on the opinion of the reviewer" PSR

I am sure there are those who think they could do it better. A few have tried and packed in after a few desultory reviews. Some of us recognise that for all its foibles it is still pretty incredible for plastic figures to be reviewed with such clarity and yet there is always a personal insight or angle.