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Thank you everyone - what exciting wishes!

I am keeping and updating the "Wish List" on a memory stick so I can easily update it and keep it updated and then post it fresh once the list begins to disappear behind other more urgent current topics every few weeks or monthly, or so.

QUESTION?: Should I keep a running count after each suggestion of how many times Collectors request/suggest their wish if it is the same as requested before? If 2, or 3, or more Collectors would like to see the same thing made, what is the simplest way to show it is a "Most Requested?"

I actually want anyone to not only request something new, but also equally important, re-request something already on the list, such as unique and new FFL never done before whom several of us would like to see made.

I'm not a Technical (Techy) kind of guy, but I want to show somehow when so many Collectors as a group would like to request the same topic.

Thank you in advance for your wisdom!


I don't remember if I suggested this before, and apologies if I have, but I think a set of French Foreign Legion mounted on mules would be a worthwhile addition to a new FFL range. Mules were the Legion's main source of transport in the desert, and were absolutely crucial to maintaining supplies and manpower. Much like the legionnaires themselves, the mules weren't pretty or fancy, but they got the job done


Hi Colin, Yes you did! And it is me who has to apologize for losing that last updated list which included the mounted FFL. From now on I'll update the list kept on a memory stick and then download to the Forum. Have a great week.

some additions for ancient sets

for imperial Romans:

Emperors court during campaign as well as (civil) in Rome

roman triumphal procession

roman politicians (in senate, law court, ...) useful for both republican and imperial era

as limited issue: ancient personalities