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Re: Napoleonic Turkish infantry

i could never understand why sets for an ottoman army of the napoleonic period is not i understand it,the russians and ottomans of this time fought many very large battles.i really dont know much about these campaigns,but id be willing to collect sets and learn along the way.

Re: Napoleonic Turkish infantry

I would like to see Napoleonic Ottoman Infantry and Artillery done by Strelets to go with the Egyptian Campaign British and French.

Re: Napoleonic Turkish infantry

I agree. Don't collect or play the Egypt campaign or the fighting between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. However, would love to paint a few Turkish troops just for the fun.

Re: Napoleonic Turkish infantry

I really hope Strelets will produce some more Ottomans to go along with the excellent Mamelukes and Bashi-Bazouks Calvalry sets both suitable for Napoleonic wars, what we really need are as follows.

Ottoman Line Infantry (Nizam I Cedit)
Ottoman Light Infantry (Albanians)
Ottoman Artillery

Nizam I Cedit(New Model Army) can be seen on the superb Ottoman Website