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Re: Crimean War Upcoming? or Reissues?

It is great news! I hope to see Russian rifles in mini set...!

Re: Crimean War Upcoming? or Reissues?

Well, just as a kind of reminder from earlier discussions, I'm hoping for Crimean British Cavalry (Lancers and Light Dragoons) re-run in Blue. And I'd enjoy some Russian Soldiers in Greatcoats in Tan. Even if only a limited run, I'd buy any reissues.

Are there any new/original sets planned?

Lastly, the news here (U.S.) indicates the protests in Kiev are escalating. I pray that the situation gets worked out to everyone's satisfaction, you and your families are - and continue to be safe, and the Ukraine can get back to focusing on growing her modern industries, toy soldiers included.

Peace for Ukraine and figures for the people

I too want to pray for peace in Ukraine and for the safety of Strelets, their employees, families and loved ones as well as for the Ukrainian people as a whole. May their nation come out of this struggle stronger than before, and may freedom for all be achieved without bloodshed.

Keep the figures coming Strelets. We love them!

Re: Peace for Ukraine and figures for the people

Thank you Jan,

actually we've just released 3 new sets, that are available in the UK from Hannants, and should reach other countries soon as well.

Best regards,


Re: Peace for Ukraine and figures for the people

i noticed you snuck some sets out under the radar.will wait until they get across the pond to get some.