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Re: Future New Strelets-Style "Range Wish List" for 2014

FFL and their opponents are good ideas. Machnists and other revolutionaries. Pancho Villa and Federales. Gunfighters and US marschalls. First half of XX century civilians. Secret Arab-like assasins.

Essentialy pulp, esp interwar and WeirdWorldWar2 stuff.

Re: Future New Strelets-Style "Range Wish List" for 2014

Indian Mutiny - yes (but I'd LOVE to see 1st Afghan War instead)
Foreign Legion - yes (Beau Geste period is OK but how about the 1840s conquest of Algeria period? Really interesting and off the beaten track)

Also for WW2 I'd like to see early British Commandos in cold weather gear (Vaagso raid etc) and Japanese jungle fighters. After the Stalingrad set I think Strelets could do a terrific job on them.