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Re: Small Sets of Specialist Figures

For my two cents, I don't know why Red Box couldn't have made the
Japanese aviator sets in plastic instead of resin, and put them all in
one box like their regular output. It seems to me they just did it that way
too make more money by producing several smaller sets at a higher price.

Re: Small Sets of Specialist Figures

@Britsfan I think that making moulds for resin is cheaper than making moulds for plastic - I'm no expert, but I think that is the case. I'd say that RedBox didn't expect to sell very many of these so the expense of making a mould for plastic would not be recovered. Perhaps.

Re: Small Sets of Specialist Figures

orion made their byzantine sets in both resin and soft plastic.they made a few poses per set in resin then included all in the plastic set,if memory serves.i wasnt aware of a market for resin figures,but i guess there is.

Re: Small Sets of Specialist Figures

There are lots of 1/72 resin figures around: Dan Taylor Modelworks, Retrokit, Solfig, W^D Models, Milicast, MGM, even Cromwell make a few figures in resin.