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French Army Sledge train!

One can only speculate as to the nature of these sets, but they do sound pretty interesting and I can't wait to see what they involve. I am sure that there will be a use for them in my Peninsular War French army.

Re: French Army Sledge train!

Pete, you may struggle to use them any where other than the Pyrenees in the depths of winter, I suspect these are very specifically for the retreat from Moscow 1812/13, and if Strelets get them right a sure fire winner, Paul Britten Austin wrote a trilogy ,1812,the largest volume of which covers the period of the retreat,very detailed and graphic.No sets on Strelets future sets has got my fingers crossed as much as these two,What the grande armee looked like on that retreat is well documented,I am not expecting smart well groomed soldier like Frenchmen

Re: French Army Sledge train!

I have a feeling this is intended to be "siege train" and not "sledge". Time will tell.

Re: French Army Sledge train!

Agreed, Alan, and I can't wait for them!!

Re: French Army Sledge train!

No completely wrong, it's sedge train, the little recognised unit of peat extractors.


Re: French Army Sledge train!

I though it might the Topiaristes de le Jardin Imperial - you know the hedge train?

Re: French Army Sledge train!

people all over the world
join in
gonna sledge train sledge train.

the next stop that we make will be

one horse open sleigh

I think the sledge bit is right. I am not so sure of the train part.

Perry do these in 28mm

the sledges were "found" (stolen from) in Russian villages so there was no standard design. I would presume the single horse (or reindeer) powered sledge would cover a wide period of time and be good for many settings. Yes OK - including Santa Claus and Christmas.

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

Not in 1812 - a bit grim then.


I will buy them

Whether sledge or siege train I will buy them. If the later I hope its followed by a British siege train in two packs.

Re: French Army Sledge train!

Pyrenees in the depths of winter does it for me Alan. Can't wait.