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Re: British Infantry in great coats

While sadly I have no need for more Wellingtonians I echo the comments about the quality. Strelets sculpting has so much improved lately I am very much looking forward to buy some of your next releases.

drummer & ensigns

would add to the appeal

Re: drummer & ensigns

This British infantry in greatcoats set 2, we have yet to see what set one contains,cant wait

Re: drummer & ensigns

Hi Alan
I think set 2 was a mis-post. The masters have now been moved to set 1-(094), and set 2 (097)is blank. Nevertheless, I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment.

A little while back one of the other boxes in the Egyptian range referred to an upcoming set of British Light infantry in greatcoats - now that would be nice if they are still in scope!

Re: drummer & ensigns

I would also like marching figures, but set 2 might contain these.
Perhaps the command figures should be left out to form a future box of command figures in great coat including drummer, 2x ensign with flag (one light and one line), pioneer, light infantry bugler and sergeants and a mounted officer (per sprue). The muskets do look a little short and they should all have bayonets fixed.
However, the figures do look excellent and I can just see them fighting the French in the Pyrenees.
Perhaps a set of Portuguse Cazadores to fight along side them, but not in great coats.
Thanks for a great looking set and hope it sells well.

Re: drummer & ensigns

PeteThanks for a great looking set and hope it sells well.[/quote

I'm another who doesn't really need any more British infantry but who could resist these?


Re: drummer & ensigns

Can't wait to by loads of these and militia as long as have nice thick bases. When will they be avalable?

Re: drummer & ensigns

Dear Shark,

we're trying to make them for the next lot before X'mas but can't guarantee that at the moment.
Best regards,