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Re: British Infantry in great coats

The muskets do seem a little bulky,the bess was leaner, the bayoneting pose is suspect, that style is correct for the Jacobite rebellion and meeting a highland charge,I dont think its a Nappy pose. It was very rare for infantry to infantry bayonet contact,one side usually broke before contact. So another pose please. But apart from that,quite superb and added to my wants list,well done strelets,keep this sculptor busy....please.

Re: British Infantry in great coats

Since the Stalingrad set your figures have got better and better. These are your best figures yet! Well done but the down side is that if the other 1812 sets are as good as this I will have to start another era!

One can only hope that if (or when) you produce a WW1 heavy French artillery set the same modeller will produce the figures for it.

Re: British Infantry in great coats

While sadly I have no need for more Wellingtonians I echo the comments about the quality. Strelets sculpting has so much improved lately I am very much looking forward to buy some of your next releases.

drummer & ensigns

would add to the appeal

Re: drummer & ensigns

This British infantry in greatcoats set 2, we have yet to see what set one contains,cant wait

Re: drummer & ensigns

Hi Alan
I think set 2 was a mis-post. The masters have now been moved to set 1-(094), and set 2 (097)is blank. Nevertheless, I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment.

A little while back one of the other boxes in the Egyptian range referred to an upcoming set of British Light infantry in greatcoats - now that would be nice if they are still in scope!

Re: drummer & ensigns

I would also like marching figures, but set 2 might contain these.
Perhaps the command figures should be left out to form a future box of command figures in great coat including drummer, 2x ensign with flag (one light and one line), pioneer, light infantry bugler and sergeants and a mounted officer (per sprue). The muskets do look a little short and they should all have bayonets fixed.
However, the figures do look excellent and I can just see them fighting the French in the Pyrenees.
Perhaps a set of Portuguse Cazadores to fight along side them, but not in great coats.
Thanks for a great looking set and hope it sells well.

Re: drummer & ensigns

PeteThanks for a great looking set and hope it sells well.[/quote

I'm another who doesn't really need any more British infantry but who could resist these?


Re: drummer & ensigns

Can't wait to by loads of these and militia as long as have nice thick bases. When will they be avalable?

Re: drummer & ensigns

Dear Shark,

we're trying to make them for the next lot before X'mas but can't guarantee that at the moment.
Best regards,