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Set.128 packing problem

Dear Sirs,

we've discovered recently that, unfortunately, the missing axle problem, reported first to us by Martin, is much more widely spread than we expected.
For all those buyers affected by this problem may we suggest to contact us with the details of your address and number of parts missing (in case of multiple purchases) so that factory could send the missing parts to you direct.
Please use the Contact link from the main page of our website.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,


Re: Set.128 packing problem

nice response strelets,well done.

Re: Set.128 packing problem

Dear Strelets, you may need to update your contact Email link on the main website, previously this was via Hotmail(at least for me) which is no longer in existence and Outlook the replacement doesnt make the connection...

Best Regards

Re: Set.128 packing problem - excellent service

I already got the missing axle(s) fro Strelets!

Excellent and fast service for customers. Well done Strelets.

Re: Set.128 packing problem - excellent service

thats nice to hear,good customer service.

Re: Set.128 packing problem - excellent service

I can vouch for Strelets great service,one of the WW1 guns had a mis formed/cut barrel, no sooner had I told strelets of the problem one arrived in the post, first class service.

Re: Set.128 packing problem - excellent service

I haven't been able to contact Strelets as the Contact link doesn't appear to be working, at least not for hotmail accounts. Can Strelets please let us have an email address to write to.