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To Strelets

To Strelets---Would it be possible to get the same sculptor (whose realistic style is great) to do future Strelets ancient and medieval sets?

Also, is this the same individual who sculpted the new Redbox Jacobite Rebellion sets, as well as the forthcoming Liner B Ancient Christians and Tudor civilians? The well-proportioned style seems very similar.

Honestly, this is who you want doing all your miniatures.

Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters

WOW great figures! Congrats, Strelets! Hope the German 21cm howitzer crew will be made the same way. Awesome

Stunning set!!!

Simply stunning set, great poses, brilliant detail, well done Strelets!! Can we have this for all future sets??


Re: Stunning set!!!

Lovely sculpts

Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters
Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters

A very nice suprise - these are you best set of WW1 yet! Well done - I look forward to getting this set.

Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters

I´d like to see the gun!

Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters

Information on the Howitzer is fairly easily available on the internet including accurate drawings...

see page 284 on:


Re: 9.2inch Howitzer masters

Must agree these figure masters are looking excellent.