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Re: German army in Stalingrad

Finally the first Strelets set on WWII Germans....and what a set, I fully agree with Eirk, they look like coming out from images of the period...
Excellent job, featuring lots of itmes of clothing previously not available in the field of 1/72 WWII Germans, at least in mass-production sets.
I just hope the final product will come with a good cast and anatomy, the test shots look gorgeous.

I hardly wait to paint, convert (if they are in hard plastic would be ideal, but I doubt)and to review this seems this will be the first Strelets set reviewed on my website, but what a great set....the first listed one is the long promised WWII German hospital and I hope Strelets did not give up to that project....

Cristian Florescu

German army in Stalingrad- Thank you

Wow! These masters are amazing, perhaps the best looking Strelets masters ever!!!! Thank you Strelets for listening to your customers and making these figures!

Will you be making any Stalingrad Soviets?

By the way, I agree with some of the suggestions above. Especially Winter USMC and Chinese for the Chosin Resovoir in Korea would be a great addition to 1;72

Re: German army in Stalingrad- Thank you

Wow! These masters are amazing, perhaps the best looking Strelets masters ever!!!!

It took me a while to get these but the final product ist quite as nice as the masters were. A significant increase in quality with good proportions, lots of detail and s l i m weapons! They mix well with figures from other manufacturers like Revell's WW2 Germans in winter dress.

Well done Strelets, looking forward to buy more figures like these!