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Re: New arms stuff......PDA will be happy..

Great pictures of the crews. Lets have the French gun crews like the ones in these pictures. So often artillery sets have gun crews as though they are on parade in smart uniformed dress. I know the "button counters" may disagree but post 'Stalingrad set' realism should be considered. Give me a work like dress anyday!

I secound that French crews like the ones in the photos please

Re: New arms stuff......PDA will be happy..

Although I prefer late WW1 I would be grateful for any WW1 French crewed 155.

I am sure separate mini sets of either American or German WW2 artillery crew(especially the latter - although not my cup of tea!) for this artillery piece would sell especially if up to the standard of the German Stalingrad sets.

Re: New arms stuff......PDA will be happy..

I see that the Australians also used the 9.2". We have already have an American gun crew so is it time to let the Aussies have a look in?. They also used the Mk VII howitzer so it would great not to have to get the scalpel to convent the Americans to Aussies.