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What Soft Plastic "Figurines" would you like to see Strelets make in the future?

* ACW and Indian Wars U.S. Dismounted Cavalry (What poses?)
* Mexicans in Sombreros! (big hats) any era?
* ACW (American Civil War) line troops in Battle
* ECW (A full range of English Civil War Soldiers) from beginning to end. Done correctly.
* Mexican-American War done correctly like the ECW.
* Spahis! (Done saying "Please" after years of begging so I know they will never be made by Strelets as long as I'm still alive BTW - Still alive).
* Lawrence of Arabia ... Just like Peter O'Toole in the Movie!

Happy Friday!

Re: What Soft Plastic "Figurines" would you like to see Strelets make in the future?

16th and 17th century pikemen.ring hands with the arms lined up.

Re: What Soft Plastic "Figurines" would you like to see Strelets make in the future?

As long as they use the sculpter who did the recent germans in stalingrad set...
French colonial and Native Enemies late 19th,early 20th cemtury for Dahomey and Morroco....
Possibly Spanish Morroco also early 20th century...
Italian campaign late 19th century in Ethiopia, Italian and Ethiopian Troops...


"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I've asked for the same things for, I forget how many years (even decades?), but since I'm the only guy on the planet who wants them, they'll never get made. I guess I could 'bite' one last time and restate what I'll buy:

US Army/Marines and sailors for early WWII (Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, Guam, Wake Island, Philippines)

US Marines and Chinese in winter uniforms for Korean War

Spanish American War

US Cavalry ACW (dismounted a good idea, with horse holders and skirmish line) or any American Wild West subjects

US Kentucky Militia and/or US Infantry and Creek Warriors for War of 1812

Camerone 1863

I want them in the soft plastic Strelets uses. I also like their style, especially those WWII winter sets. I don't want resin or metal.

Cold War

I'd like to see a cold war or modern era set possibly in Nuclear/Biological/Chemical outfits.

I would also second your motion for early WWII US Navy and Marines request. Perhaps a WWI US set would suffice. Strelets seems to be pretty big on WWI but the US forces are missing.

Re: Cold War

The US just couldn't have gas mask bags on their chest and gaiters instead of puttees to be useful, but then they'd be inaccurate for WWI. I envision US soldiers in M1917 helmets, Springfield rifles, maybe the Thompson MG with the drum magazine, manning Vickers heavy MGs and either running around or firing into the air (or at least high)for Wheeler Field or Hickam. If they didn't fire too high they could be used for Wake or the Philippines. And Navy sailors in either dress whites or regular service uniforms running around or poses that could be firing MGs or even heavier deck guns. And some guys handidling extra ammo cannisters, they'd be good for Battleship Row. Maybe a US pilot running to get into his P-40 at Wheeler field. No flight suit, just a pilot's helmet is all he had time to put on. And maybe a guy talking into the radio on a table and a guy looking through binoculars (with helmets or without, but Army uniforms and gaiters) to depict Diamond Head Lookout (of course they can be used for Wake, Midway and Philippines too).

I've got the ideas all drawn out. Strelets wouldn't have to even put any thought into the poses (I am even mindful of how the poses need to be for a two-piece mold). You might even be able to fit all this into a 12 pose set (maybe an MG extra on the tip of the sprue or something). If they could do that I could scrounge up oil drums, sandbags and crates. I need the guys first!

And don't even get me started on Korean War winter ideas!!...............

Re: Cold War

You guys are not alone in your wishes. Speaking of Navy figures, I've always thought the uniforms in the move "The Sand Pebbles" with Steve McQueen are really neat. I actually am hopeful we will be pleasantly surprised and see these made some day.

Here is a link to a blog with some great pictures from the movie. You have to scroll past the large figurine pictures. Cheers

Re: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Bunkermeister's Bunker Talk Blog has some impressive photos of "The Sand Pebbles" 1/32 San Pablo River Gun Boat and two smaller boats to go with it. Although I was a young kid when this movie came out, you never forget the highlight scenes, such as landing parties, running the barricade, hand to hand fighting with the Chinese Military Academy young men. I found Bunkermeister's two links while in Google Images looking for pictures. Great job! I enjoyed very much. Hope Strelets continues into the Sailors/Navy Ranges of various eras:

more ancient

more Roman enemies are needed, which also could be used as a new 'independent' range:

late republic:
Pontic army (Mithridates), Armenian, Parthian

addition to punic-war-range:
successor states like Macedonia, Seleucids, Ptolemaic Army (including different types of Cavalry and war-elephants), hellenistic city armies (e.g. Syracuse)

There is a large variate at this time: Roman, successor states, smaler hellenistic states, Carthago ...

Re: more ancient

I would love to see Strelets do a Spanish Civil War range. The figures available now from BUM are, for the most part, too soft and expensive. There would be many possibilities for different types of troops: Regular Republicans and Nationalists, Spanish Civil Guard, Winter Infantry, Spanish Foreign Legion, partisans and militias for each side, etc.

Re: more ancient

Again I will say that I think that a wild west set would be ideally suited to the Strelets style.
Townsfolk,prospecters,sherriff & outlaws ,gamblers,buffalo hunters and cowboys.
Long duster coats,slouch hats etc.

Wild West

I will second the request.

Re: Wild West

We need more ancients to fight those multiple Romans.

There are only a few Iberians (a multitude of people), few italicans, no etruscans, some celtiberians, no set for lusitanians, no liguarians, no illyrians, no aquitanians, bad indians, only one set thracians.

There are no pontic armies, only a few parthians, only very few sucessor state troops (solely elephants).

If you consider the brightness of different equipment, fighting styles, there is hardly another period in time to compete.

I would love to see different sets for those "forgotten" nations.

Re: Wild West

Carthaginians would be awesome. As would figures for the English civil wars.

Re: Wild West

French colonials is a gaping black hole in 1/72 - I'd rather Strelets went a little of the beaten track and did the initial French conquest of Algeria in the early 1840's than the Beau Geste era but, hey, that would be great too.

After the recent reveal of the great Stalingrad Germans some Russian counterparts for them must be Strelets next priority though.

Re: Wild West

- Wild West : dismounted US Cav, Apaches, Sioux, Mexicans
- FFL and enemies : Camarone, Riff War and Indochina 1950s
- Korea War Winter : USMC, Chinese
- WW3 : Nato and Warsaw pact in NBC outfits
- Soviets and Mujahideen in Afghanistan
And this is just the beginning of my list!!

Re: more ancient

A full set of mounted Roman Emperors, in the style of the 3 figures in the Imperial Legion set.

The three are clearly recognizable, and I do feel these "personality" figures are what Strelets do best.

To compliment, a rival set of non-Roman personalities from the same era.