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French 280mm Howitzer

On Landships the French 280mm Howitzer is discussed.

It was a very large gun, both in terms of calibre and physical bulk. It was Russia who ordered the gun into development, after their defeat at the hands of Japan in the Russo-Japanese War, and a prototype was ready for 1912. The gun appeared at the fronts in 1915. Although the Russian and French guns had the same calibre, there were a few differences at the breech end.

France had 126 in service by war's end, and Russia had 26 before The Revolution.

The gun was also mounted on caterpillar tracks (made by Saint Chamond) to make an SPG out of it...

...however, they were not delivered until 1919.

France, USSR, and Nazi-Germany used the gun in WW2.

Why is Landships ignoring Strelets?

Any idea, why Landships won't mention any Strelets gun in the review and kit list section? Hät is listed. Strelets not.
I'm no Landships member, so I'm not able to contact them about the content of their site... (These topics are restricted to forum members).
Perhaps you might ask them?

And back to topic: great howitzer, would also be a splendid model.

Landships is not ignoring Strelets

Landships is not ignoring Strelets, it's just that the person who does the updates is tardy, and the Landships forum members are more interested in discussing the colour of the clutch pedal bolts on the Flying Elephant than they are in discussing 1/72 model making.

It's not a deliberate slight, I'm just not able to keep on top of everything. But your words have stung me into action, and as soon as I finish this shift I'll file the updates.

PS - I have just gotten a news article about Strelets' big guns posted on Armorama.

Re: Why is Landships ignoring Strelets?

Any idea, why Landships won't mention any Strelets gun in the review and kit list section...
Problem fixed, BigBert, and thank you for the reminder.

Re: Why is Landships ignoring Strelets?

sorry for the late reply – I was buried in my job these days.

Thanks to you, Stelets’ WWI artillery now found its right place on Landships.

The better the PR for their great new range, the better for us. WWI gamers and collectors are a somewhat rare breed. Now via Landships more enthusiasts might discover – and buy – theset kits.

Long ago, Eduard started producing WWI planes in 1/48. The first ones were tricky to build. But they were the first new types after decades. Within a few years, the market did explode, providing modelers with nearly every WWI plane ever built. Today there’s a wide range in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Quality also grew and grew from first experiences in injection moulding to crisp and decent high end models.

As customers, we can encourage Strelets to go on and spread the word. Hope, we’ll see the same wide range of artillery some day.