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Re: Canon de 155 L Modèle 1877 (French WW1)

Amazingly, this archaic looking gun and its 120mm little brother Mle1878 were among the top 5 French artillery pieces by numbers in 1914 (1,392 of the 155mm gun alone). As late as August 1917, there were still many hundreds of them in frontline use. They were later used in Spain and Finland.

The 120mm Mle1878 would be my preferred choice as its numbers were even higher:

Both guns were used by the Italians in WW2.

My first choice when it comes to French guns would still be the 155mm Schneider because many nations used it in high numbers in many conflicts.

The 120mm Mle1878

This weapons seems to be used by the Greeks as well during the Greco-Turkish war immediatly following WW1...

Best Regards

Re: Canon de 155 L Modèle 1877 (French WW1)

while not my first choice I would welcome any heavy French artillery piece!