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Re: Canon de 155 mm Grande Puissance Filloux (GPF) mle. 1917 (WW1 French)

Also known in US service as the 155mm Gun M1917, M1917A1, M1918M1 and was still in use in the US army in 1942 heres the Manual....

note the wheels have changed to Pneumatic Tyres for motorisation but otherewise very little difference between this and the original French version...

And not suprisingly large numbers were captured and used by the Germans as the 15.5 cm K 418(f) so it saw service in numerous theaters throughout WW2..

So would be a good choice and probarbly popular


Re: Canon de 155 mm Grande Puissance Filloux (GPF) mle. 1917 (WW1 French)

I echo the call for WW1 French artilley (and crew). But I would rather buy the 155mm C15 or C17 Schneider, as the GPF made it to the front only late in the war and in small numbers, even allowing for the U.S. use.

All these guns were used by other nations later on, including the Germans. But it is the number of produced guns and the lenght of service history which make me definitely prefer the Schneider over the GPF.

There already is a 1/72 styrene kit of the GPF anyway, while of the Schneider, there is none.