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Re: "awful" figures/7th Cavalry set 2

Probably because I wasn't paying attention but I don't know if strelets are planning a set/2.....presumably dismounted?

Again, these would be very useful for ACW.


Dear Ochoin,

It would be great if S*R made a set of Dismounted Cavalry. I'd love to see the uniforms as worn in Gettysburg. Several men standing and kneeling plus reloading Carbines and pistols and a few troopers holding the horses would look so cool. Plus maybe a couple of troopers shooting carbines while mounted but horses at a stand-still.

I hope S*R will keep this in consideration I think it would be a very unique and popular set!

Re: "awful" figures

I always liked Strelets figures, and I've never been bothered by the style of sculpting. One-on-one, Strelets figures may be less graceful than those from other manufactures like Italeri, but on a wargame table they look way more impressive and warlike. Subtle and soft details are good when you look up close, but from 50 cm you will miss all of them - instead good poses and heavy, accurate sculpting add a lot to the look of whole wargame armies, and that's what Strelets usually delivers The only complaint I have about Strelets figures is about the weapons, they are usually too thick. That's not a big problem with ancient or medieval figures, but turns out to be disappointing in regard of 19th c. or ww2 figures - you can't easily mix those figures with figures from other manufacturers. That's why I have many sets of Strelets' ancients and medievals, but few for XIX-XX c. armies.