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Re: Winter Partisans

Good for you Cappy!

I'm going to make the assumption that your continued requests for the Russian sets in Green helped influence S*R and thanks to S*R for listening to those requests. Cappy, you are right; they are great looking figures. Even the laying-down poses have full details on top and underside. Very classy new and original 1/72 figurines.

Although this set is Soviet Partisans, not strictly soldiers, they strongly make me think they could be used within the theme of the recent movie "Enemy at the Gates." My wife rented the DVD (of all people), and we both loved it.

If movies don't turn you into a Patriot of these sets, then maybe S*R's "Introductions" for these sets will. Very Cool S*R! Top class!

Well, anyway, cheers to S*R and you, too Cappy ...

Enjoy! GC