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Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life

I know this is perhaps far fetched, however in terms of Roman civilian life there are some really nice topics that could be covered. Unless I am mistaken, Linear-B intends to do a Roman house (not the insula which they already produce), for which one can imagine a number of things that don't currently exist (unless made by Nicolai):

- Wealthy Romans, i.e. in togas, big wigs for ladies etc.
- Shop keepers: perhaps even with their stalls. These models existed once in white metal, this could be made in plastic
- Dentist/physician: plenty of pose opportunities, just better than in the exisiting valetudinarium
- A day at the baths: but given that in those days nudity wasn't an issue, some of our collectors with a more "sensitive" disposition might object... But even there nudity could be suggested rather than shown if people really cannot cope (i.e. men/women lying downwards, covering with a towel, a slave dressing them etc.)
- A Roman funeral
- Rather than just Senators why not create a "Debate at the Senate", with arguing senators, others siting, voting etc.
- Foreigners (not slaves), Egyptians, Persians, Jews, merchants from all over the roman world etc.

Anyway, the possibilities are truly endless.... :-)

Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life


As there are several sets of Gladiators on the market I was hoping to find some sitting people etc. for a Colliseum. There is a company which produces a half circle type of inexpensive colliseum which I have been using as an ancient ruin. I have thought of buying another piece to make a complete circle.