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to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life

It's real nice to hear, that you are planning to extend the range of sets for Roman civilian life (as already started with your collaboration with Linear B).

would be nice to have sets about (valid for both republican and early imperial era):
- senat
- officials (e.g. consules, praetors, tribuni plebis, lictors etc.
- emporors court

Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life

Dear Martin-HY,

thank you very much for your suggestions, it's interesting that we were thinking about those as well.
Best regards,


Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life

I think that "senat" and "officials" could quite well be united: most of them would be men in toga sitting standing holding a speach or giving orders/instructions - and those would cover the era from early republic to imperial.
Then the lictors: probably standing and walking would be enough (but of course more than just 1+1 pose)

There would be some need for people in tunics (maybe some different quality tunics - though that's mainly paintjob for us) to represent ordinary citizens and lower officials in their everyday business.

But there would be one suggestion I'd like to add: a triumph or an ovation
Walking lictors (though laurels missing) and senators from that set mentioned above would be useful here but we'd definetly need lots of soldiers for that parade (without their armor) - a miniset of their own. The general on horseback could be from 907 but the triumphator on the chariot. And then some musicians. Not to forget happy crowd celebrating the show.
There could be some problems with captured enemy and how to show the spoils of war and enemy standards etc.
The benefit of this kind of set(s): they'll be ok from the early republic to... On the minus side is of course that these would be quite useless for wargamers.

One set that some of us might want is ordinary Roman peasants working. Might be general enough to be suitable for Greec Punic Gallic and others, too.

Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life

I know this is perhaps far fetched, however in terms of Roman civilian life there are some really nice topics that could be covered. Unless I am mistaken, Linear-B intends to do a Roman house (not the insula which they already produce), for which one can imagine a number of things that don't currently exist (unless made by Nicolai):

- Wealthy Romans, i.e. in togas, big wigs for ladies etc.
- Shop keepers: perhaps even with their stalls. These models existed once in white metal, this could be made in plastic
- Dentist/physician: plenty of pose opportunities, just better than in the exisiting valetudinarium
- A day at the baths: but given that in those days nudity wasn't an issue, some of our collectors with a more "sensitive" disposition might object... But even there nudity could be suggested rather than shown if people really cannot cope (i.e. men/women lying downwards, covering with a towel, a slave dressing them etc.)
- A Roman funeral
- Rather than just Senators why not create a "Debate at the Senate", with arguing senators, others siting, voting etc.
- Foreigners (not slaves), Egyptians, Persians, Jews, merchants from all over the roman world etc.

Anyway, the possibilities are truly endless.... :-)

Re: to Strelets: suggestions for Roman civilian life


As there are several sets of Gladiators on the market I was hoping to find some sitting people etc. for a Colliseum. There is a company which produces a half circle type of inexpensive colliseum which I have been using as an ancient ruin. I have thought of buying another piece to make a complete circle.