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Re: To Strelets

Dear Cappy,

thank you for your suggestion. We may release Germans and Russians for the last days of Stalingrad battle. At the moment we're trying to resolve some issues with the weapons in order to make them as precise as possible.
Partisans and Police will be released most likely in summer.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: To Strelets

how about late XVIII Russians/Suvorov campaigns?

Re: To Strelets

Thease are not on our radars.

Re: To Strelets

Wow, Russians and Germans for the last days of Stalingrad???!!!! Great news! Hope they materialize. Those would be two sets from my ultimate wish list. Still hoping for FFL and Viet Minh for Dien Bien Phu plus Dismounted US Cav, FFL for Riff War, Riffians, Apaches, Sioux, Cold War Soviets / NATo in full NBC clothing, etc... Nevertheless, slowly all the sets I have been dreaming about are becoming reality. Culloden figures are high on my list too.

Re: To Strelets

dear strelets

please dont add thouse strelsy figures on thouse new stalingrad sets please

p.s sadtat you dont listen

Re: To Strelets -

I have followed this and a number of forums for many years, and rarely comment regardless of the topic.Times change however.

The Strelsi figures are bonus figures above the normal set complement. EG there are 4 in the Hungarian set, leaving a very generous 52 others.
I don't personally use the figures, (and probably have quite a few from recent purchases),but others do collect them.
They do have conversion potential.
The figures a way of keeping interest in another less well known period.
They are a trademark of Strelets sets.
The figures are definitely not "lousy".
Watching stock rapidly dwindle in my local hobby shop and in online retailers, sets with them in sell very well and fast.
If you don't like the product, don't buy it.


Re: To Strelets -

Totally agree Danny. I have quite a vast collection of the streletsi models now from my crimean war collection and I really really like them. If you dont want them then try selling them on ... geez ... not really that much of a problem.